The Sport of Bowls

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The aim of this site is to provide information on the great sport of bowls, in all its disciplines. From the well known Lawn (Flat) Green to the lesser known such as table bowls. Along with articles which we hope will be informative and enlightening to some!

Basic History of Bowls

Evidence exists of the ancient Egyptians playing a form of bowls over 7000 years ago, when the object of the game was 'hit' the target. In the 13th Century the game was recorded as one of delicate skill, the object being to get the bowl as close as possible to the target.

Even though the Southampton Bowls Club  is reputed to be the oldest in the World, coming into regular use in 1299. Chesterfield Bowling Club claims a green dating from 1294.

Intent on the bowmen of England having their archery practice Edward III banned the playing of bowls in the early 14th Century.



That famous game of Bowls

On 19th July, 1588 Sir Francis Drake, who was playing bowls at Plymouth Hoe when the Armada fleet was spotted, refused to leave the bowls lawn until his game was complete.

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